Friday, September 28, 2012

Coming Up For Air

I just printed out the first draft of India #4.  The working title is India Black and the Gentleman Thief.  The last word of the book?  "Zulus."

I like to get out of the house occasionally and write in a different environment.  My favorite hideout is The Mudhouse, a coffee shop downtown.

Here's where I wrote the last scene of #4.  That's my open laptop on the table in the corner.

My second favorite place to sit (but the guy in the blue shirt got there before me):

A couple of miscellaneous pics.  The coffee's great, the magazine selection is awesome, and the music is eclectic.  They were playing something tribal on Thursday, heavy on the drums and ululating women.

Come back Monday, when I post a review of a new thriller I think you'll enjoy.

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