Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Enthused, But Depressed

The disadvantage to writing is that frequently you stumble upon a writer so good you want to buy back all the copies of your own books and burn them.  I just read Gillian Flynn's first novel, Sharp Objects, and could not believe the confidence and skill she exhibits.

It's a creepy novel which gives new meaning to the phrase "dysfunctional family," and it may not be everyone's cup of tea. I could quibble about a few plot points, but gosh, what a riveting, searing read it is.  And isn't it odd that you can always spot the flaws in other people's work but not your own? Anyway, the writing is the thing here, and it's superb.

I picked up the book because Flynn is getting lots of buzz (her third and latest novel, Gone Girl, has been optioned by 20th Century Fox) and because she's a Missouri girl, though she's deserted us for Chicago.

Check out her work, if you don't mind reading with your stomach clenched in a knot and an overwhelming sense of dread.  Here's a link to her website.

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