Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rip Van Winkle Here

Hello?  Anyone out there?  It seems I was gone much longer than anticipated.  If you're wondering what's happening with India and French, I've completed the second India short story.  India Black in the City of Light is available now for pre-order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  The release date is October 1st.

The fourth novel in the series, India Black and the Gentleman Thief, is also available for pre-order.  Here's the cover:

Yes, I know.  Another headless woman.  Do you know why publishers do that?  They use models for these figures, and they don't want too many books with the same woman on the cover showing up under their imprint.


  1. Hello, stranger! I just know you were pounding away at the keyboard. So glad to hear India is alive and well and getting into trouble again.

  2. EEEEEEE! So excited. I actually love the covers, even though the headlessness bothers me. I love 'em and hate 'em -- but adore these India covers. The dresses!!

  3. Yay! Carol's back! And she brought a new India with her. Woo hoo!

  4. Oh...and just thought of this when I saw the headless India appear on Facebook again....Do they really think that chopping off the half the head will fool those of us who really pay attention to covers (that we won't notice that they're using the same model over and over)? And it doesn't really matter for those who don't pay attention....

    I'd much rather notice the complete figure over and over than to notice how much I hate covers with headless people. But that's just me. :-)

  5. What's wrong with you, Bev? Those publishers are in New York. Which means they are much smarter than us.

    Hmm. I must be cranky.