Monday, August 26, 2013

Work, Work, Work

I've been doing quite a bit of that lately.  TC and I have decided to do all the maintenance projects around the house that we have put off for five years.  That's bad enough, but the people who lived here before us did nothing around here, so we have their maintenance to do, as well.  This week, I have used a cool product called "Howard's" which makes oak cabinets and trim look brand new.  I've done the stairs and the kitchen cabinets.  We've painted one bathroom and we've prepped a second for painting.

In the middle of this burst of domesticity, I took a day off to visit my mother.  I've also written 8,000 words this week.  And I've edited the digital novella India Black in the City of Light.  That was an easy task; I seem to have done a rather thorough job of cleaning up the ms before sending it off to my publisher last May.  I did have to remind the copy editor that in previous India stories we have used "Bulldog" rather than "Bull Dog" for India's revolver.  Either seems to be correct, but for the sake of consistency, we should stick with one.  And to my horror I discovered that I had used the word "memorandums."  Sheesh.  What was I thinking?

Next week:  At least 10,000 words, paint the second bathroom, prep TC's office for painting.  Yikes.

This picture is a total fake.  It would be more realistic if they were covered in paint and shouting at each other.


  1. Ha ha, Carol! The first hour of painting is fun, it's the next 18 hours that stink! Good luck with your projects!

  2. Terry is upstairs right now fixing all my mistakes. It looked fine to me, but if he wants to spend ten hours using a q-tip to touch up minor blemishes, who am I to stand in his way?