Monday, September 2, 2013


I've read a lot about the Victorian era over the years, so I'm familiar with most of the events and personalities from that age.  But every time I write one of the India novels, I have to bone up on certain specific topics.  A good starting point is this website, which has a wealth of material available.

The internet in general is a great source of information.  I can't believe how much material has been uploaded in the last ten years.  It takes my breath away.  Who knew you'd be able to find pictures of Victorian-era bombs and directions on how to make them?  Or photos of India's Webley Bulldog revolver?  Or the rate at which horses and carriages could travel?  It's a cornucopia of data you probably don't need to know, but it sure is fun reading this stuff.  Sometimes, it's too much fun.  I have to remind myself that all good research must come to an end and the writing has to begin.

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