Monday, March 26, 2012

Publication Dates for India #3 and #4

First, some news:  the publisher wants to do a couple of "eSpecials," which are pieces of short fiction published only in electronic form.  I'm going to do two of them, with the first devoted to explaining how India acquired Lotus House.  It will be published a few weeks before India #3 comes out and available at the usual eBook sources.  The second eSpecial will precede the publication of #4.  Here are the dates (and I wish they were sooner, but that's how it is):

January, 2013 - first eSpecial published
February, 2013 - India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy published
October, 2013 - second eSpecial published
November, 2013 - India #4 (as yet untitled) published.

My editor has approved the outline for #4, and I'm writing the first eSpecial now.  It is due by June 1st, so that is the top priority at the moment.  Then I'll start #4.  I'm also reading background material and thinking about my World War II spy novel.  How am I doing with all this?  I think this picture sums up things nicely:


  1. !!!!!!!!!! My only request for the ebooks: please don't let them be kindle only! Not owning a Kindle, I usually miss out on these fun extras.

    I'm so keen and eager for more India -- thrilled to see the next title and pub date -- such a *long* time to wait! ;)

  2. Yay Carol! I'm so glad the ebook idea is happening! I can't wait! If you ever need a research assistant, you've got my email.

    Best of Luck!

  3. Thanks, ladies. Audra, it's my understanding that you'll be able to purchase a downloadable copy from the Penguin website. There are restrictions on the number of computers you can load, and you can't print it, but I think you'll be able to get your hands on it! I'll try to get more info as we get closer.

  4. Curse you, Carol K. Carr! Now I may have to buy an eReader only to find out how India came to own the raucous Lotus House. (OK, I take back the curse. I'm not that powerful anyway. You'd probably only get a mild case of dandruff.) I've never wanted to read anything in digital format, but that is one sotry I want to know!

  5. NO! 2013! How will I be able to wait that long! D=

  6. That will be the day, John, when you read something in electronic form. The manufacturers should find a way to inject "old book smell" into ereaders for the diehards. And do you really think the man who loaned me a valuable book won't get a peek at the short story?

  7. Rogue, I'm not keen about the delay either. Shockingly, the publisher does not consult with me regarding publication dates. But you have planted an idea. If I have the time, I may do a few vignettes featuring India, French and Vincent and post them on the blog.