Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Stuff About the Titanic

I didn't come up with anything for the blog regarding that whole ship vs. iceberg thing, but I'm glad other bloggers did.

Did you know the Titanic had two sister ships of the same class?  The Olympic was involved in several collisions and the Britannic sunk.  Bizarrely, one Violet Jessup is alleged not only to have survived the Olympic's collision with the HMS Hawke, but also to have been a passenger on and survivor of both the Titanic and the Britannic when each went down.  You can read more at M.J. Wright's blog.

One of my favorite bloggers reveals that she might not have been around to entertain me if her grandparents hadn't changed their mind about emigrating to America.  They had booked tickets in steerage on the Titanic, but Elaine's grandmother, six months pregnant at the time with Elaine's mother, didn't feel up to the voyage.  You can read about it on Elaine's blog.

And finally, Borepatch dissects the legend of the last song played aboard the ship as it sunk beneath the waves and includes some great video and audio.

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