Friday, June 29, 2012

My Downton Abbey Moment

We've been back from London for a month and I've yet to share any photos or memorable moments, so let me rectify that beginning with this post.  We are reasonably intelligent people and we realize that "Downton Abbey" was just a soap opera with wonderful clothes and a cool country house.  The plot was ridiculous and the characters were as subtle as a whack over the head, but we still tuned in for every episode.

We're sitting at the Fox and Hounds one evening, a lovely pub that became our "local" during our London stay.  It has everything a good pub needs, in my opinion:  an eclectic crowd, a resident German Shepherd, and a cozy, quintessentially English atmosphere. 

I find myself staring at a man across the room from me, wondering where I've seen him before.  I realize he is an actor I've seen recently.  I can even visualize him in a military uniform, but can't quite place the movie or tv episode.  Two days later I realize where I've seen him.  He's Dr. Clarkson from Downton Abbey.  In real life, he's David Robb.  There's the uniform I remember.

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