Friday, October 5, 2012

A Few Days Off

From writing, that is.  I've been working on arranging reviews for upcoming publications, contacting bloggers who have written reviews of the previous India Black books.  Don't you have a publicist, you ask?  Yes, I do.  But a writer who relies on their publicist to get the word out about new releases is not doing anything to help herself.  The publicist will cover all the major institutional reviewers, such as Kirkus, Publishers Weekly and Library Journal.  She and I will work together to produce a list of bloggers who'll receive the ARC's, but much of this work depends on me.  I know who's reviewed the books in the past, and I'm the one who is constantly searching for new bloggers who might be interested in reading my work.  It takes a lot of time to establish these contacts, but it's worth it.  Not only have I spread the word about India, I've made a number of new friends via the internet.   

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