Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Really, Really Bad News

It was a hot summer here and I spent a good part of it relocating my mom from her apartment to an assisted living facility.  Around 3:00 every afternoon, I found myself flagging.  A drive through McDonalds and a large mocha frappe and I was set.  I'm ashamed to say I became addicted.  Last Friday I stopped (after working out, mind you) and picked up one.  Did I mention that they're only $2.78 from 2:00-4:00?
It's only coffee, right?  And a little Hershey's syrup?  And a big blob of whipped cream from a can?  How bad can it be?

680 calories
96 grams of carbohydrates
87 grams of sugar



  1. I bet that Eastern European trainer of yours (what's his name again?) will be wagging his finger at you. Extra miles on the treadmill for you, I bet.

  2. Do you think I'd tell Pavel I had one of these?