Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Writing Projects

After a month of hedonistic pleasure, it's time to return to work.  Here's what I'll be doing in 2012:

This month I'll be giving India #3 a final read through before it goes off to the editor at the end of the month.  I abhor proof reading, but it must be done and done carefully.

I'll be doing the research for India # 4.  I have two ideas in mind for her next adventure, subject to the issues discussed in the next paragraph.

I'll be drafting two proposals for India #4 and sending them to my agent Ann for her reaction.  I do not have a contract for a 4th book, and I'll be talking to Ann about whether to invest the time in writing the 4th now without a clear commitment from the publisher.  As much as I enjoy India (and I know that if you're reading this blog that you do as well) the bottom line is that publishing is all about selling books.  How #3 sells will be critical, but of course we won't know the sales figures for many months, hence my uncertainty about proceeding with the 4th novel now.

I have started the research for novel about a female OSS agent set in Washington, D.C. during World War II.  I envision this as a series, with the agent taking on increasingly dangerous assignments as the war progresses.

That should be enough to keep me busy.  I can tell from comments I receive from friends and contacts that the publication of a novel is considered some magical moment that confers legitimacy on the author.  Well, it's a nice validation of your efforts, but you're only as good as your last book.  You have to keep writing and pushing yourself to produce the next manuscript.

That's what I'll be doing during 2012.  Hope you come along for the ride.

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