Friday, July 27, 2012

Tough Victorian Women - Mary Kingsley

The first of an occasionally recurring series of unusual women of the Victorian Era.  Requirement:  India would approve of their exploits.

Mary Kingsley

Student of Medicine, African Explorer, and "the queerest object they'd ever seen."

In an era where women were expected to be content with sketching, needlework, music and other pursuits, Mary Kingsley stands out.  Following the death of her parents, she used her inheritance to finance explorations of West Africa, traveling alone with the assistance of native bearers and guides.  She died of typhus in 1900, contracted while nursing prisoners of war during the Second Boer War.  You can learn more at Wikipedia and at this site.

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  1. interesting woman. Check out Krystyna Skarbek. Her beginning of career I think India would have approved and her ending I think India would not have been surprised.