Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ideas (And Where To Get Them)

Several months ago, I sat down and drafted one-paragraph summaries of the next four India Black novels.  I'd like India, French and Vincent to spread their wings and visit some foreign countries because there's nothing like an adventure in some exotic port of call to take your mind off the economy, Iran, and the never-ending presidential primary season (or whatever happens to be in the news).

Since I write historical thrillers, or spy capers or whatever you want to call them, I like to root my plots in some  actual event or series of events taking place in the Victorian era. I think this adds an air of plausibility to the action.  At least it does for me, and trying to achieve a degree of "reality" forces me to pay careful attention to the historical detail.  If there's not an event into which I can project India, I'll create one.  But I'll try to make my creation seem as natural and realistic as if it had actually occurred.

I'm at the very early stages of this process with India #4.  I've chosen an event that's full of espionage potential, and I'm reading background material right now to fully acquaint myself with the subject matter.  Then comes the hard part:  taking all that material and imagining how India, French and Vincent would be involved.  I'll talk about that process a little later.


  1. I'm so glad you are planning more India novels! I remember a fairly recent post where you said you were unsure about continuing beyond a third novel and I was brought very low! I know you gave a good reason - not lack of desire, just uncertainty re: interest from your publisher, which makes perfect sense, but I'm glad to hear she will continue.

  2. If I do get word that the publisher wants to extend the contract, I don't want to be sitting around in my pajamas with nothing written. So I'm forging ahead with #4, and also with a second project that I'll write about soon. Thanks for your support.