Monday, February 6, 2012

What Football Game?

Was there a football game somewhere this weekend?  I wouldn't know, as I was watching Scotland vs. England in the first match of this year's Six Nation's Tournament, which is an annual competition featuring the national rugby teams of France, Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland and Italy.  I'm always anxious when Scotland and England play as these are my two favorite teams and I dislike having to watch either one lose.  This year I favored England slightly, as they have a new coach, many young players who need development, and the team is a work in progress.  Scotland, on the other hand, is always a work in progress.  Despite some good talent, the team struggles to compete.  The final result:  England came away the winner and carried off the Calcutta Cup, as the traditional trophy is called.

England Captain Chris Robshaw raises the Calcutta Cup.  And yes, that is Princess Anne in the background.  She's a patron of Scottish rugby.

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