Wednesday, August 8, 2012

India's Olympics

Knowing India as I do, I thought she'd enjoy the following Olympic sports:

FENCING.  But of course.

JUDO.  This could turn out to be quite useful.  Too bad the costume is so appalling.

BOXING.  Also useful, but that headgear would wreck India's coiffure.

SHOOTING.    We know India is very fond of her Webley Bulldog revolver.

DRESSAGE:  We know India can't ride, but this is a stunning look.

And even though the picture above reflects modern dress, the Victorian-era equestrienne was also rather stylish:


  1. Oh I think to look that pretty in riding, I think she would learn. And I think shooting would be her sport...Fencing, i think would make her hear a voice a of a certain sir in her head the whole time making it impossible to enjoy or concentrate :)

  2. The whole post was really an excuse to put up the dressage picture. The competitors look fantastic but I confess I get a little bored watching. As one twitter wit said, "Dressage looks like the horse is lost and won't stop to ask directions."