Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Migraine (Short Political Rant)

I feel one coming on, and it's due to my electoral choices for the open Senate seat in Missouri.  Unless you've had your head stuck down a hole this past week, you'll recognize one of the candidates as Todd Akin.  You know, the mental defective who said that in cases of "legitimate rape" a woman's body sort of shuts down to avoid pregnancy.  I'm paraphrasing.  It actually sounded a lot dumber than that.

For a number of reasons I dislike his opponent, the incumbent, Claire McCaskill.  I won't bore you with my political views, but here's just one example of the brilliant leadership she's evidenced during her term in office:  while questioning the postmaster general about the post office's looming insolvency, she asked, "Have you thought about an advertising campaign to get people to write more letters?"  Again, I paraphrase.  It actually sounded a lot dumber than that.

So.  Buffoon No. 1 or Buffoon No. 2?  The two parties have figured out how to devalue our vote, haven't they?

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